Why Sexual Violence in America is Really a Conversation About White Privilege

Everything about the way that we talk about and deal with sexual assault and sexual violence in America is tainted with our history of sexual violence inflicted by white men, and the attitude/social-political disorder of white privilege. Yet, we continue to have conversations that focus on consent; coercion; prevention; sexuality;  safety; accountability; representation; influence; toxic masculinity; feminism; “rape culture” et al.  Those are all very important and necessary conversations to have, *but-TTT,  they are only relevant or helpful to the larger conversation insofar as to what extent we also honestly consider how racial bias is at play with all of those elements, and at all junctures of our social and criminal justice systems.

After Black Woman is Brutally Attacked by Dallas Neo-Nazi, Rapper T.I. Poses The Question: Where are black men in the fight for black women?

In his three minute long live video, T.I. indirectly poses the question to “so-called [black] ganstas” Where are black men in the fight against black women.